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Steve Bisset

CEO, Terrajoule Corporation

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Steve co-founded Terrajoule in 2009.  Terrajoule is a venture-backed startup developing a product line to reduce energy costs for industry and agriculture.  The technology introduces a new category in industrial power: DG-S: Distributed Generation, with Storage.  Terrajoule’s DG-S is inexpensive solar power, with inexpensive storage that behaves like an electric motor plugged into the grid, or like a diesel genset, 24 hours per day, but without the utility bill or the fuel cost.

In 1975 Steve co-founded Megatest Corporation with $20K, and as CEO bootstrapped it to $10M revenues earning 40% PBT.  With venture funding he grew Megatest to a profitable $50M company, leaving it in 1990 positioned for growth, an IPO and subsequent sale to Teradyne for over $200M.  Megatest was notable for pioneering innovations into segment-transforming product lines and for an experimental management style characterized by mutual loyalty of management and staff.

Prior to college Steve exported Australian surfboards to the USA and supplied computer-controlled lightshows to Australian discotheques.  After earning a BSEE with Honors from Caltech, he developed microprocessor chipset architectures for Intel.  When not working or spending time with his family (wife; children 8, 21 and 24), Steve rows with the Bair Island Aquatic Club.