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A full range of CEO advisory services plus a team approach

Pacific Leadership Group provides CEO advisory services

Pacific Leadership Group meets monthly, following its unique approach that stimulates the generation of ideas and solutions to problems in a confidential, mutually supportive environment.  Our members are dedicated to PLG’s model and have frequent interaction outside of meetings, regularly forming valuable business alliances and always creating long-term personal connections.  PLG members are highly motivated to learn and grow both professionally and personally.

PLG members also selectively provide C-level advisory services to entrepreneurs and become engaged in businesses that can benefit from our members’ experience and expertise.  Such engagements can include strategic planning, financing, marketing, operations and management of boards.  Arrangements are made between individual members and businesses. 

 A sampling of activities of PLG includes:

-          Presentation of issues and challenges, seeking counsel and problem-solving

-          Review of opportunities for suggestions and guidance

-          Follow-up and status reports on ongoing projects and issues

-          Advising on strategies and specific needs for the funding of ventures and businesses

-          Reviewing investment strategies

-          Providing references, networking, exchanging resources and connections

-          Engaging in fellow members’ enterprises, including assuming advisory roles